The Nitty Gritty Subject Of Back Fat

Posted on October 30 2018

That squidgy flesh under our armpits- yes we all got it- yes we all hate it but we have to own it.The most common complaint we get is, the dreaded back fat🤪
Unless you wear skin tight Lycra tops chances are this will not be seen under your clothes. The shape of your new perky boobs, making you look slimmer, taller and younger will. It always amazes me the obsession with so called ‘back fat’ in size 8 ladies it is loose skin, in a 22, yes it may be back fat but the fabulous new look of their boobs and the enormous difference it makes to their appearance and how they feel in their bras surely outweighs this.

The band of your bra, ladies, gives 80% of the support to your boobs.Wearing a band too loose for you may help with the issue of back fat but it won’t help your boobs nor your posture.

A correctly fitted bra is where your boobs are properly supported, and lets face it the bigger your boobs, the heavier they are. This weight can cause strain on your back, your neck and shoulders. Yes the band can feel tight at first especially if you are used to wearing something loose but you will get used to it.
Promise - we really do not fit you in an instrument of torture for our pleasure 😈 We are here to fit your boobs not your back fat 😘 . 

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