Reasons we do this job 3-a life in the day of a brafitter

Posted on January 18 2019

Reasons we do this job

Number 3

Lady walks into the fitting room

“I hate my boobs, all my bras are uncomfortable “”I can never find a bra that fits”

Us “Take your top off, leave your bra on”

Because we know our stuff, we assess her size, shape, what type of bra will suit.

With minimum of fuss we produce bra. No need to see our lady topless. We fasten it up and adjust the straps.

After a certain amount of ‘swooping and scooping’ (by lady not us)

“My God this fits” “I am not spilling out” “This feels really comfy”

Lady puts her top on

“My God, I look slimmer, I look younger””Wow”

Big beam spreads across her face. And ours. “You look amazing”


This is why we do this job

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